What is a money circle?

Money circle is a group of people that comes together, pool resources and knowledge in other to achieve a financial goal. Typically, the objective revolves around saving money, access to cheap money or investing money.

Takeaways: Money circle

Money circle is a great way to connect with people while achieving your financial goals. That’s why most successful people are in somehow part of a  circle. Members support each other and push each other to achieve financial freedom.


  • Meet new people and connect on a personal level
  • It is important to acknowledge that you can build substantial wealth through money circles.
  • Access to financial products for people with no access to traditional banking.
  • Thorough background check on each member
  • Strong sense of commitment from each member

Think of it as a credible alternative should you need a space where you can talk about money.

How does it work?

Generally, there are no typically rules. But you need to take some precautions. But in essence, the goal is to find people you can trust, set a weekly, monthly meeting date. During those meeting, you discuss all your money issues, share ideas, give an account of the current situation and give your contributions. if the circle is focused on investment you will meet your broker and he will give you an update.

More often members end up building very strong personal ties that last for a very long time. You can start with your close family and your community before expanding.

Learn more about money circle

Perspharp you want to skip all the learnings and jump directly in the most interesting part. Yet you need assistance to implement one or multiple money circle around you.

  • Then take this course instead. It will teach how to run a program near you and make a decent living of it.

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an order fulfillment method that doesn’t require the store owner to keep inventory. Instead, when a retailer sells a product, it passes the order to a third party who then ship directly to the customer. Consequently, the retailer never sees and handles the product.

That is why in dropshipping the retailer purchase inventory as needed. from the wholesaler or manufacturer and the later fulfills the order. Thus there is a seamless integration between the retailer’s system and a third party.


It looks like the easiest method in the retail industry because you sell another person’s goods and you get a commission. However, if you factor in all the disadvantages, challenges and day to day management. It is not as easy as it looks.

But if you with the right strategy, the methodology and patient it can help build a very successful business.

Benefits of dropshipping:

  • Less capital

This is unarguably the most decisive advantage of dropshipping. That is because you don’t have put upfront thousand of dollars for stock building. You only purchase a product to resale when a customer has already purchased and paid. In addition, order fulfillment is not done by you.

  • Low overhead

No inventory management and no physical stores. In fact, all you need is a home computer for less than $30 a month to make money from home.

  • Location doesn’t matter

You can run your dropshipping business from anywhere around the world. All you need is an internet connection. As long as, you keep the communication flowing between your supplier and your customers you are all set.

  • Easy to scale

Businesses that leverage dropshipping scale very well and rapidly compared to traditional eCommerce businesses. Since most of the work is handled by a third party. Further, because it is an online business the reach is worldwide.

This model has a lot of strong arguments that make it very appealing for everyone. However, it does have quite a few drawbacks that come with this convenience and flexibility.

Disadvantages of the model

  • Low-profit margin

This is the biggest disadvantages of this eCommerce model. Because it is so easy to get started with relatively no barriers for entry and an overhead minimal cost. Irrespective of the site quality the competitive environment drives prices down.

  • Highly competitive

This is because of the low cost of entry. In addition chances are you don’t have an exclusive contract with your supplier. That means many merchants selling the same products as you. Price point becomes, in this case, an element of differentiation and competition.

  • Supply chain issues

In this model, you don’t control the supply chain process, from sourcing the product to shipping it to your customer after purchase. You are essentially trapped and hoping the supplier or the fulfillment center addresses any issues with the product while providing an excellent customer service that’s out your control.

Above there are also problems related to the quality of the goods. Since as a dropshipper you don’t have control over the shipment. So shipment error can really damage the brand.

  • Legal liability 

This happens when suppliers illegally use a trademark logo or another company’s intellectual property. Thus affecting your brand.


Usually dropshipping is perfect for an established brand with an already existing customer base. But if you are starting from scratch you need to be fully aware of the pitfalls and the time needed to build your business. Virtually it looks appealing but in the long run, it requires a lot of work. If you pass that stage of implementation the business can prove to be extremely lucrative.



What is a Saving Circle?

Every time, we think about friends we generally think about going out or hanging out together. Most activities revolve around spending money. We rarely talked about savings together. That is because we are very protective when it comes to our personal finances. In addition, trusting people with our money is challenging. Nevertheless, co-saving is a powerful tool to reach our goals, whether we want to buy a house, or even to pay for college. Also, it helps people reach common group goals such as birthday gift, or any major collective projects.

Takeaways: What is a Saving Circle?

Saving circles also known as co-saving is a century old mechanism. It is a  common practice in societies without easy access to banking. Researchers and scholars called it rotating savings and credit associations.

Takeaways: How does it work?

This a collective mechanism to save with a group without having a bank account or getting into more debts. The total amount collected belongs to the entire group members.

Typically, a group of people will come together and decides to improve their lives.

 Steps guide to set up a saving circle: Before

a. Find like-minded people

There is no required number. The key here is like minded people make sure you are all on the same page with the same vision, the same values, and objective in life. Also verify the financial aspect to make sure they can afford the monthly, quarterly, or weekly contribution.

As a recommendation, I will keep it under 12 and set weekly or monthly contributions.

b. Draft a constitution

A constitution is a set of rule that everyone abides by. This is a critical component because you are not just juxtaposing people but you are setting up a lifestyle. Those rules will govern how you guys operate it includes meeting time, contribution amount, meeting period, the profile of members, how to set up contribution, how to distribute money, what to do with the money, how the account will be managed, etc…

As a recommendation, set a steering committee of 3 can draft the initial paper that will be presented to all for collective editing and finalization.  Then a legal advice to ink everything.

c. Legal framework

It is important to acknowledge that a saving circle is an agreement between a group of people to execute certain operations. Consequently, it has to be enforced with a legal framework. That is why all members have to assert and accept the rules and regulations that govern the activities. If any member Fail to meet its obligations they will be sanction.

Always get assistance from a lawyer or an experienced person to avoid any disputes. The legal professional will review the constitution to make sure its meet local, state and federal requirements.

Steps guide to set up a saving circle: During

d. Meeting period

You have to set up a time when you all come together for meeting and to discuss all issues related to the organizations. You can share ideas on what to do with the fund or share your current issues. The quality of the encounter is enhanced by making it enjoyable with some social activities. In addition, if the entire saving period is 12 months, everything ends after 12 months. Thus the entire fund plus the interest generated is shared equally among all members.

I will recommend meeting once a month. Then you will have more to share and talk about. The meeting is rotative and hosted by each member.

e. Contribution

The contribution aspect of is the reason why you came together. Every time you meet everybody chips in his contribution. One person can contribute twice if their wish. as an illustration, if you decide to meet every month then every month be prepared to contribute the amount predefined. Then the host gets a chance to take all the money contributed that day minus a retained amount of maybe 1% to 5%. Or you can decide to just keep contributing and to divide the money equally at the end of the circle.

Steps guide to set up a saving circle: After

f. Dissolution

Actually, a saving circle is set for a specific period of time. A dissolution is recommended after you reach the set time. Equally, that leads to interest distribution among all members. However, you can decide to continue as a common agreement.

Before starting the dissolution process, you have to make sure everyone is on board and that’s the direction the majority of members are comfortable. Some saving circles are so well managed that the amount generated as interest made the members millionaires.

Advantages of a Saving Circle

  • Provide monetary access for people with no access to the traditional banking system.

All circles help a lot of people by providing them access to financial security and stability. The money they make can easily be stored in the organization bank account. Typically there is a person that walks around to request for contributions.

  • Access to cheap money

Being part of a saving circle is a great way to save money for any goal. In addition, the money saves if well managed could be placed by all members toward a high-interest rate yielding account.

  • Goals

Usually because of this method members can plan ahead and project them in the future with goals. It could be short term, mid-term and even long term. It is all about planning and joining the right organization. More importantly setting yourself specific goals to achieve, sharing with members so they can keep you on track.

  • Accountability

It is probably the most critical attribute of any circle. In fact, during the evaluation process, the assertion always starts with a thorough accountability assessment. Consequently, they will check every important aspect of your life. To confirm you have a high level of accountability. Most likely the only way to join an organization is by referrals,

In conclusion

Saving circles might not be for everyone, but it is certainly one of the most effective to reach your financial goal. Today with modern technology more online options are available to ease the process. Apps like https://twine.com or https://www.tandasavings.com are the latest way to save together with partners, family, friends or even strangers.



What Is a Medical Cost-Sharing Program?

Medical costs have an abyss negative impact in the life of average people. Hence, getting health coverage is paramount. However, there is a vast majority of people out of the look because of the prohibitive cost. Thankfully, more and more alternative options are gaining mainstream. Consequently, those alternatives strengthen communities and provide great relief. One of those is a Healthcare cost-sharing program also known as Medi-Share. The principle requires participants to pool their resources together to share each others’ medical cost.


Even though, the program spurs many benefits for its members. It does have some drawbacks such as compliances with certain practices, faith, lifestyle, and culture. In addition, it does not cover all treatments. Plus a medical doctor can refuse to treat you.  Accordingly, it is important to clearly pinpoint

Healthcare sharing programs are not binding 
contractual agreements!

Nevertheless, it is a valuable alternative for people in desperate need of coverage.

Advantages of having a Healthcare cost-sharing program:

The alternative does offer some good benefits for its members. Arguably, that is why the subscription is growing very fast.

  • Cheaper than traditional health insurance: the programs function much like a regular insurance policy at a lower overall cost. Furthermore, it provides generally the same reimbursement benefits.
  • Alignment with your faith and values: many cost-sharing programs are from faith-based organizations that may exclude some services, such as abortion or birth control.
  • Leverage the power of the community: it really about the community and how well the community has your back. This a fundamental guidance of the program. Once you join the program is no more about I but you. They rely on each other for the program effectiveness.
  • Dual program option: if you can afford you can combine your personal health care plan to a healthcare cost-sharing plan.

Learn more: 

There are many programs available in the marketplace but below you will find a list of the most visible.

It is not surprising faith-based organizations lead the initiatives. Their dominance reflects the strong ties and trust between its members. A profound sense of attachment to the values promoted by the Ministries.


What is an Office Lottery Pool?

Invest money in an office lottery pool to increase the odds of winning big at the lottery. Usually, two or more people pool their money together for a chance to clinch the jackpot. But among the myriads, an office lottery pool which involves co-workers is one of the most challenging. That’s because a win can draw you together or land you in court. Indeed, there are numerous stories of people who were cheated by co-workers or things that went wrong after winning.

Takeaways :

Take some precautions to avoid any disputes or even potential lawsuits. You can take these steps to escape most of the hurdles and safeguard yourself.

  1. Name a leader you trust: decide who is going to buy the tickets, make copies, keep the records, etc.
  2. Create a contract: a simple contract that spells out the big issue will go a long way in preventing any future conflict. Mainly the idea is to agree on general rules. The contract can include who is playing, how often, fix the amount for buy-in, how you will claim winnings, provide copies of the winning tickets, whether you will let the computer choose the numbers or if someone will choose the numbers, etc.
  3. Make it public: it is important to make the contract public to all participants to eliminate any uncertainty around co-workers involvement.
  4. Make copies of the tickets: share copies of tickets before drawing with all participants.
  5. Keep the tickets safe: Safe the tickets but make sure all participants in the process can get access to them.

Advantages to invest in an Office Lottery Pool :

  • Increase your chances of winning the jackpot: a single ticket has 1 in 296 million chance of winning. Effectively, an office lottery pool will increase the probability by leveraging the power of the office community.
  • Create a strong sense of belonging among the co-workers: undeniably participating in office activities bring co-workers together.

The math:

$2 for a ticket for a potential of million. indeed, more tickets more possibilities. But it is an investment so you can also lose everything.

  1. Cost:
  • Depending on the lottery, ticket varies from $1 to $2
  1. Revenue:
  • Potential gain varies from thousands to millions of dollars

Learn how to make money Invest in an Office Lottery pool :

What is Carpooling ?

Carpooling is best known as the activity of making a regular journey in a single car with one or many people. Usually, two or more people come to an agreement to take turns to drive the others. However, one person can drive each commute. In addition, the model involves all sort of mobility vehicles.


Carpooling is a great way to organize your commute among colleagues, classmates, neighbors, friends or even family members. Whether, it is for grocery shopping, work, school, sports games, or any social activities, this system turns out to be extremely useful and effective. Nevertheless, it is important to have everything agree upon such as the cost-sharing, the driving arrangement, driving responsibilities, beforehand.

Advantages of carpooling :

  • Increase well-being: less time driving equates to a better health condition and a better overall sense of well-being. There is growing evidence of correlation car pollution with some health diseases.
  • Save money: you will save a lot of money on car insurance, car maintenance, parking, gas, and lease every month
  • Cut down on traffic: nothing worst like traffic especially after a long day.
  • Cut down on pollution: for those concerned with the environmental impact generated by main cars on our road, carpooling will be an alternative.
  • Community buddy: one of the biggest benefits of this type of commute is the social bond and network that you creates within your community.

The math:

You share a car with your wife. She drives you to work every day and pick you up after work.

  1. Cost:
  • Buy a car depending on your budget
  • Share gas cost
  • Car maintenance cost
  • Insurance cost
  1. Savings: a conservative approach 01 car per family.
  • You get to save on car payment
  • Car insurance
  • Gas
  • Car maintenance
  • Opportunity cost

Total savings: between 30% to 40% an average per month. That is additional money in your wallet. Obviously, this will require a mindset adjustment. Also, you can estimate how much you can save with this website service https://www.rideshare.com

How to make money carpooling?

Unlock multiple benefits by driving your friends or coworker to work. Such cash, parking vouchers, gas and of course making new friends.

Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, has implemented a program that allows carpoolers to make up to $2 per day over a 90-day period for a maximum incentive of $130. Check out more information on the official website commuter connection. Your earning can increase based on incentives.

Across the country similar programs are being implemented:

    • Birmingham, Alabama, drivers make up to $70 over 90 days for taking alternative transportation or carpooling.
    • South Florida, you can earn up to $150 (depending on the size of your carpool) per month or eight free hours toward a car-sharing program in Miami if you register or are part of a carpool. More information here.
    • Near San Jose, Calif., drivers get up to $60 in free gas for carpooling. People who drive on the busy highway between Boulder and Denver can make more than $75 for carpooling or vanpooling. Check more details here.

Find carpooling members

Website such as rideshare is an awesome resource to help out. In addition RideJoy, Carpoolworld, eRideShare, Carticipate, and Zimride.

Easy tips to make ride a success

  • Establish a payment method
  • Set a meeting point
  • Agree on rules and the cost
  • Be clear about your destination, drop off point and pick off point



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