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What Is God’s Ultimate Plan For Humans?


From the beginning, God planned our redemption through his Son Jesus Christ, before the world was even created. Truly, it was not a second option. It was the original plan.   For I know the plan I have for you, Declare the LORD; plan to prosper you and not to harm you, plan to give you

Powerful Poems To Help With Depression Now: Rosie Caristea


Powerful poems to help with depression, is an addition to all those affected by this horrible illness. Indeed, the struggle is real. Sometimes, you just want to give up. Certainly we have many mechanism. Poems are one of them. Maybe today you are looking out at your window, Contemplating of what had happened, or what

Personal Loans | How To Enact a Powerful Lending Club Now

Typically, to set a lending club you need a group of people to agree on terms and conditions of pooling financial resources to help each other. You can pool resources to support each of your respective business ventures. In this case, the club would act like your zero-interest bank. Perhaps, the club could also act

Powerful Poems To Help With Depression Now

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Powerful poems to help with depression is an addition to all those fighting this horrible illness. Indeed, the struggle is real and not everybody understands how challenging it is for those affected. Yet, I believe by sharing some positivity, it can help cope with the illness. Don’t give up If it seems like the world

Be The Best at Selling On Amazon Marketplace Now

How to sell on Amazon FBA

Amazon marketplace is one of the world’s most famous e-commerce marketplace by the number of sales. An e-commerce marketplace is a set of tools and technology that connect online buyers and online vendors. Basically, the argument is simple rather than opening a physical store, or a self-hosted online store, and face all the challenges that

The State Of My Fears Crawls Deep

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My friends and family keep telling me everything will be fineBut when I get home, I can’t help but think where is the endThat is because in 2020 there is always another shit on the sideCoronavirus, unemployment, debt, streets on fire, protest,…I live in the fear of what’s nextI guess this is the new lexAll

Why The Privanationalization of TikTok, Means The US is Not Competitive?

The lost of America competitiveness

A couple of days ago, President Trump signaled, his desire to ban TikTok in the USA. Then, encouraged a US-based company to buy the US operation of the tech firm while giving the Chinese firm 45 days to figure things out. The move is in line with a slew of strong actions against Chinese tech

Comment doubler le PIB du Cameroun en 5 ans?

Le Cameroun est sans doute le pays le plus intéressant du continent Africain, d’un point de vue de la perspective économique. En effet le pays est bilingue, voir multilingue, mais plus intéressant le pays est au coeur d’un marché potentielle de plus de 350 millions de consommateurs, dont 250 millions à sa porte. En plus


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