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Can Biden Lost The 2024 Presidential Election?

The Biden administration has passed so many key milestones legislations and taken steps that would impact the lives of Americans for generations. One key example is the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) that will improve and transform America’s ailing infrastructures. Another, monumental aspect of the Biden policy is the trade war against China to

What have we learnt so far from the COVID-19 mutations?

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So far, we have learnt that COVID-19 can mutate. Hence, it is not surprising that a new variant has been detected. Perhaps, many more variants already exist. Moreover, the world should expect many more to come. Regardless, they are some striking similarities between the two COVID-19 variants of concern Omicron-B.1.1.529 and Delta-B.1.617.2 Let find out

Meet Biden’s Wife: America New First Lady

biden wife

Biden wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is an educator. But she also a woman of heart, compassion, and determination. Even though, she would be the first First Lady in America’s modern history to keep a full-time job. Indeed, she will keep her full-time job as an English Teacher while at the White House. Nevertheless, here are


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