Russia-Ukraine Border Crisis: The Oil Equation

Uncertainty continues to persist in the Russia-Ukraine crisis. But what if there is another reason behind the border crisis.

What have we learnt so far from the COVID-19 mutations?

So far, we have learnt that COVID-19 can mutate. Hence, it is not surprising that a new variant has been detected. Perhaps, many more variants already exist. Moreover, the world should expect many more to come. Regardless, they are some striking similarities between the two COVID-19 variants of concern Omicron-B.1.1.529 and Delta-B.1.617.2 Let find out…

Meet Biden’s Wife: America New First Lady

Biden wife, Dr. Jill Biden, is an educator. But she also a woman of heart, compassion, and determination. Even though, she would be the first First Lady in America’s modern history to keep a full-time job. Indeed, she will keep her full-time job as an English Teacher while at the White House. Nevertheless, here are…