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How To Make 100k Per Year

How to make $100k per year

To live relatively well in The United States of America, a household needs to make 100k per year at least. That sounds challenging for some but it is actually doable. Thanks to the sharing economy model powered by a stela technology advancement; making a good income isn’t a mystery anymore. Indeed, the shared economy model

What Is a Medical Cost-Sharing Program?

Healthcare cost-sharing program

Medical costs have an abyss negative impact on the life of average people. Hence, getting health coverage is paramount. However, there is a vast majority of people out of the look because of the prohibitive cost. Thankfully, more and more alternative options are gaining mainstream. Consequently, those alternatives strengthen communities and provide great relief. One

How to Make Money by Renting Your Unused Space

The sharing economy provides enormous opportunities to make money. Consequently renting the unused space in your house will earn you money. However, it does require a different relationship with ownership. Certainly, for some people, this will take a huge effort. We are still pretty much attached to our individual habits and our self-center mindset. Even

How To Make Money Cooking at Home

Make Money Cooking at Home

Restaurants in private homes are increasingly gaining popularity all over the world and disrupting the traditional eatery business model. Indeed, that is because the culinary options are limitless and the barrier to entry is non-existent. Furthermore, they are extremely affordable compared to classic restaurants. However, venues and hosts need to be thoroughly vetted and work

How To Win any Lottery

How to win any lottery

To win any lottery, people think you need luck. Certainly, there is some truth. Nonetheless, you also need to have some strategies. One of the most effective strategies is to pool resources. Investing money in a pool to win any lottery games comes into many shades.  Usually, two or more people pool their money together

What is Shop Sharing?

Shop Sharing

Shop sharing similar to co-working space is a very popular way among small business owners to cut down the expenses of running a business.

What is an Employee-Owned Companies?

Employee-owned companies

Employee-Owned companies are companies that shared considerable and broad-based ownership stake with their employees. In essence, employees typical own at least 30% of the business. Because it is a partnership, the level of motivation and sense of ownership among employees are extremely strong. Takeaways: There is a very small number of Employee-Owned companies conversely to employee

Why we need Community Gardens?

Community gardens

Farming is often considered as exclusive for rural areas. But that is changing with community gardens spreading around urban cities. Because rural areas have enough space. Nevertheless, we can observe a growing presence of community gardens around major urban and suburban areas cities around the country. Fuel by the need to have a healthier diet at an

How To Make Money With Your Car

When many hear of the expression “earn money with your car”, Uber or Lyft immediately come to mind. Indeed, they are probably the best known and widely spread ride-sharing services right now. But, there are many companies that are providing better alternatives. In some cases, better income compared to the above mentioned. Thus providing more options for


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