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How to Fill Out a Money Order

Money orders have numerous advantages. They are reliable and accessible. Also, no bank account is required and they are extremely simple to fill out. However, not everyone knows how to fill out a money order properly. Consequently, follow these steps to mitigate any mistakes when fill out your money order. Before, you start the process …

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How to become a millionaire

Want to become wealthy. Learn how to become a millionaire with this great video. Indeed, this great video walks us through some basics of financial education. The author believes that understanding how finance works represent a strong guide to building wealth. Financial IQ is the key to building wealth. The video was realized in 2005 …

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How to save $100

There are some little things you can do to improve your financial health. For instance, implementing the things below can help you save $100. Delay Your Dry Cleaning 2. Say No to Soft Drinks 3. Skip the After-Work Happy Hour 4. Put Your Gym Membership on Hold (If You’re Not Going Often) 5. Cancel an …

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