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How I paid off $4500 of debt in 3 months

How I paid $4500 of debt in 3 months

A couple of months ago I used to owe a lot of money. The situation became horrible after an accident. As a result of the situation, my debt skyrocketed to: Ambulance bill: $500 Hospital: $3000 Bank account overdraft: $1000 Total: $4500 I take home on average $4540 net per month that is $1135 per month. […]

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How Money Circles Can Help Food Deserts Now

Urban food deserts are communities where the majority of residents don’t have access to a supermarket. Basically, it is a city or a neighborhood without any access to healthy and affordable food. Across America, there are hundreds probably thousands. This excellent documentary produced by The Guardian illustrates it better Access to a limited amount of

How to leverage facebook Marketplace for AB testing?

Facebook marketplace is probably the most underrated feature of the community website. Especially if you are an early-stage company. That is because the marketplace is a prime venue that can make a sustainable impact on your business. Also, irrespective of your industry, you can leverage its power to advance your project. To some extent this

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Save Big Money While Grocery Shopping

The grocery budget consumes a significant portion of monthly income, with Americans spending around $5,174 annually on groceries. Factors such as inflation and limited resources contribute to rising costs. To save money, consider group buying, utilizing supermarket opportunities, growing your own food, and strategic shopping practices. With the right approach, substantial savings are achievable in the face of enduring high food prices.

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Why you should join a lending circle?

A lending circle also know as a lending club offers much-needed relief in times of need. Ain’t like any other money circle, its sole purpose is to lend money amount a group of participants interest-free or low interest depending on the group arrangement. Any respectful businessman is part of a lending circle. Most immigrant communities

How to Pay your Debt? Introduction

Debt burden is probably the single most important issue of this era. Especially when you owe a big amount of money. How you can pay off your debt? Irrespective of how you get to this level, there is no blame game, and should not be blaming yourself. Instead, you should be solution-oriented. Student loan, medical

How To Build Generational Wealth on a $500 Weekly Paycheck?

How to build generational wealth on a $500 weekly? A lot of people are in this situation in many parts of the country. The equation is hard and the answers very challenging. That is because most people barely make enough to get a decent life. Especially when you factor in living expenses such as rent,

How to Start a Business? 101

How to start a business ? That is a question that keeps awake all aspired entrepreneurs. The answer is not so simple. Since it evolves multiple steps,activities and actions such writing a business plan assuming you already have an idea of what you want to do. Then there is others activities. Sometimes, it might be

How to write a business plan?

How to Write a Good Business Plan Now: A step by step guide

Learning how to write a business plan is often the first step of any action you need to take if you want to launch a venture or improve an existing one. Even Though, it doesn’t mean having one will set you off for success. But it equips you with directions and guidance. The following guide


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