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Monthly Budget template

This monthly budget template is a worksheet that would help you track your recurring expenses, like rent, utilities, and debt payments.

Is Amazon Cheaper Than Walmart?

Advertisements It is time to go shopping but I am wondering should I buy on amazon or walmart? Is amazon cheaper than Walmart ? If you are like many that want to maximize your dollar this article can help. Amazon and Walmart are well-known retail giants, that have been fiercely competing with each other for

How To Avoid Cryptocurrency Scams

Advertisements Cryptocurrency scams have always been an issue. Everyone wants to make money, but nobody wants to be scammed or lose their money. Fortunately, there are several ways you can avoid cryptocurrency scams and protect yourself against them. This article will focus on how to avoid cryptocurrency scams in your own life and when investing

How To Study Abroad In The United States

Advertisements If you are planning to study in The United States, be aware it would not be easy. Indeed, even for Americans post-high represents a financial headache and a psychological challenge. That is because it cost a break and a leg to go to college in the United States. However, if you plan well just

What Is My Federal Income Tax 2021?

Advertisements Federal income tax 2021 brackets help determine how much money you need to pay to the Internal Revenue Service every year, generally within a certain period. However, the percentage is progressive. This means the more taxable income you make, the more taxes you pay. The keyword here is taxable income. What are the 2021

When Are Taxes Due 2022?

Advertisements Tax season is around the corner with so many counting on their tax refunds.Consequently, let’s look at the IRS Tax calendar to find out when are 2022 taxes due ? In addition, let’s answer some pressing questions concerning about the 2022 overhaul tax process. Tax Dates for 2022 a.1) What day can you file

How To Use Venmo

Advertisements Venmo is a peer-to-peer digital payment mobile application available in The United States with more than 80 million users. It is arguably one of the most popular in The United States. The digital wallet service is owned by Paypal and its offers go beyond peer-to-peer transfer. It recently introduced a Venmo card and QR


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