Good life on a small budget.

From Work from Home To Work from Anywhere In The World Now.

Advertisements A couple of days ago, one of our close relatives told us he is leaving The United States for an Island in the Caribbean. Because his company has offered the opportunity to most of its workforce to work from home anywhere. As long as they report physically once every 3 months for a team

How to tie a tie

Advertisements A tie is one of the most indispensable accessories of a closet. Indeed, it brings class and elegance to your outfit. But not all men and women know how to properly tie a tie. Hence,whether it’s your first time or not, this guide on how to tie a tie should be very useful. Be

Excellent & High Yielding Tips For Working From Home Effectively

Advertisements In the past few months, our living style has greatly been transformed by Covid19. Social distancing measures have been introduced by governments and companies to slow down the spread of the virus. As a consequence, working or studying from home has become the new norm for those who are fortunate enough. However, with all


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