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Daily planner

close up photography of notebook near pens

A daily planner is a template with different times of the day, that helps you to organize everything you have to do

Thrift shopping

white and black cooking pot on brown wooden shelf

Thrift stores are growing across the country. Thrift shopping is even celebrated as a lifestyle. What is driving this surge in popularity?

How To Tie A Tie Beginner

adorable dog lying on floor near book

Follow this simple step-by-step video to learn how to tie a tie as a beginner. The video is slow enough to help you achieve your goal.

Tips For Driving Long Distances

car riding on asphalt road

Usually, long drives evolve around many variables and some beyond our control. That makes me nervous. Consequently, every time, I have a planned event or a trip that would be longer than 30 mins; I try to be prepared as much as possible. Drawing from my past experiences and those around me; here are non-exhaustive …

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