Community manager internship: Remote

We are seeking a person to handle our social media handles and grow our community. This offer is an internship for a duration of 3 months part-time and remotely

You should have:

  • No special skill required. All you need to do is been able to speak social media language and create great content.
  • You will measure against key metrics like traffic and engagements.

Please apply with a cover letter, and a link to your current website or blog:

Full-stack engineer internship: Rapid fire project remote

We are looking for a full stack engineer internship for a rapid fire project.

A rapid-fire project is typically a short term assignment for a specific outcome. It usually revolves around the development of tools or features.

Current assignment

  1. Work with the founder to develop a new feature in the member’s profile session. Duration: 1 month
  2. edulers is looking for a person with WordPress development skills to help customize it log in and register page: Duration: 1 week

Application process send an email with your CV and the assignment you choose to


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