How I Become Black Belt in Martial Arts

I walked into the room with padded floors under my bare feet, the scent of sweat filled my nostrils, terms I could not understand were written on a white board. Little did I know that this would commence a Learning Journey that would take me into adulthood and by becoming Black Belt in Martial Arts.

    1. Patience

This commenced my martial arts training, a journey that would take me beyond what I ever thought I could do. An area many people struggle with involves patience. We always want to move up in our job, our sport, get the best part in a play. I can understand, because I have those same desires.

Martial arts taught me that the greatest accomplishments happen over time.

My martial arts training spans across three studios and fourteen years. Transferring from my first studio, to my second, I expected to pick up my training right where I left off and have my black belt in a year. Earning my first degree took me seven years alone. Though not ideal, it taught goals, while great to have, also need to be achieved over time, not right when I want them to happen.

     2. Perseverance

Much like patience, perseverance takes time and also will. As I mentioned, I had to go through three martial arts schools. When I went from the first to the second school, it meant learning whole new forms, techniques, and terms.

Change is hard, but it helps one grow.

If earning my black belt meant not only adding onto what I already knew, but even changing my previous habits, then I would do it.

    3. You stand in your way

The words on the whiteboard that terrified me said “skipping side” and “spinning hook.” My eight year old self thought that I will never know that that is or how on earth to do those. Watching the black belts demonstrate their forms also intimidated me. I thought that I could never do those, either. Without realizing it at the time, I put up my own road blocker by convincing myself I could never do a spinning hook or a skipping side or those complicated forms. With more training and encouraging myself, I found myself doing the very things that scared me and more like demonstrating a weapon’s form in front of a few hundred black belts and earning not one, not two, but three degrees of black belts.

With more training and encouraging myself, I found myself doing the very things that scared me.