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Hi, I am James, I leverage my passion for start-up, business model and analytics to write and create actionable content. Please do not hesitate to follow me, drop a line and give me feedback.

Satisfied Customers VS Grateful Customers

Why I am writing about this ? Satisfied customers vs grateful customers. But hold on, be open-minded and probably this will make sense. It is a long day, you are so hungry and exhausted. But your thoughts are clouded by your next 3 hours. You have to drive home, probably you will be stuck in …

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How to make a pizza

How to make a pizza

Pizza is one of the best delicacies of all time. Simple and easy to find at every corner. Ever wonder if you can actually make yours, well we bring you this great self-explanatory video that takes you onto the journey. Feel free to take along your secret ingredient. Watch this great video posted by ooooA8 on …

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