Welcome To America: Red States Vs Blue States?

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There is a common pattern among newly arrived immigrants in America. Generally they tend to choose the cheapest states as a final destination. Mostly because of the larger presence of fellow immigrants of the same country without doing any further due diligence. For example, just knowing the difference between Red and Blue States can make a big difference. Regardless, it is understandable that you get a sense of comfort, security, and safety that come with your “own people”. Indeed, living with people who understand and feel your struggle make you feel at home. Especially as a new immigrant.

Nevertheless, if that assumption can be right for some. Typically for those who hate to get out of their comfort zone.

However, living around people who think alike might not be stimulating enough for newly arrived immigrants who are hungry and foolish. That is because, in those communities, people tend to navigate around the same type of job, hang out around the same people, stay in their comfort zone and do the same things as others. More concerning, they think, act, behave as Immigrants living in Americans and not as Americans from a specific country.


Furthermore, experience has shown that some communities are plagued with envy, jealousy, and so many problems. Moreover, some of these cheap cities and states are usually characterized by low-paying jobs, limited public infrastructures, not a very dynamic job market, and a low quality of life. There is a reason why many states in the Northeast and the West Coast are expensive.

Whatever, city or state that is on your radar as a final destination, don’t be compelled by the crowd but by your passion, dream, focus, and heart desire to be a positive contributor to this great nation.

Here are 2 basic tips that can help you:

1. What do you want to do?

This country is one of the only countries in the world where you can literally become whatever you want. Everything here has the potential to help you succeed; but only if you love and commit to your craft. Hence, do not go into a field because you saw everybody around you go for it.

In addition, keep in mind each state has its own appeal and a dominant industry. For instance, if you want to excel in finance go to New York. However, if technology is your thing go to California. Nonetheless, if higher education is your calling, Massachusetts. Finally, if hospitability is a great option for you then Florida or Nevada, etc…

2. Learn about the antic of Red State vs Blue State vs Purple State.

Just to give you a snapshot between red and blue states. A red State is usually a state that has Republican elected representatives. Meanwhile, a Blue state has Democrat elected officials. Purple states on the other hand tend to switch sides depending on the election circle. You need to assess the differences in public policies, ideology, and vision for the country before choosing which state or city to settle in.


Basically, Blue States typically give major social benefits to their population. They spend big but they also have high taxes. In addition, Blue States strive for liberal value practically in everything. While Red States strive for less government spending, conservative values, less social benefits for the population. They usually have low taxes.

Learn more with this great YouTube visual:


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