Save Big Money While Grocery Shopping

Advertisements A Money circle comes in different forms and for different purposes. Some people form money circles to lend money within members of the same group known as “lending circles”. Then, there is this group whose main focus is to save money. Known as the “saving circle”. The scope is broad. When it comes to…

What is Grocery Group Buying?

Advertisements Grocery Group buying works like any group-buying program. In essence, the model combines the purchasing buying power of many to get up a 50% discount for all your produce. The social-based community is progressively changing how people engage in grocery shopping. However, the deal usually has a limited time. How does it work: A…

Daily planner

A daily planner is a template with different times of the day, that helps you to organize everything you have to do

Thrift shopping

Thrift stores are growing across the country. Thrift shopping is even celebrated as a lifestyle. What is driving this surge in popularity?

What is a thrift store? How Does It Operate?

Advertisements Most people think I spent too much money on materials things like clothes and other items such as furniture, and home decor. Yes, I love beautiful and trending items. However, I can never afford all the designer things I own with my current paycheck. So, you must be wondering how do I afford them?…

Is Amazon Cheaper Than Walmart?

Advertisements It is time to go shopping but I am wondering should I buy on amazon or walmart? Is amazon cheaper than Walmart ? If you are like many that want to maximize your dollar this article can help. Amazon and Walmart are well-known retail giants, that have been fiercely competing with each other for…


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