In the past few months, our living style has greatly been transformed by Covid19. Social distancing measures have been introduced by governments and companies to slow down the spread of the virus. As a consequence, working or studying from home has become the new norm for those who are fortunate enough. However, with all the distractions and the comfort of the home, it can be extremely challenging to get things done. Fortunately, here are some tips that can help you stay track.


Tips for studying/working from home

  1. Create a designate work/study space

    Take a hard look at your apartment or house then choose a space exclusively dedicated to work or for study.

  2. Create rules in every space you have

    For example, a bedroom only to sleep. No phone in your work/study place. In addition, you have to label every space to constantly remind yourself and those living with you of the rules.

  3. Routine

    Even though it might take some time to figure it out. But the sooner you find your routine the better. A routine schedule will mimic your normal daily life in ordinary times.

  4. To do list

    Make your to-do list which I find extremely helpful. It keeps you on track. Tips for studying/working from home

  5. Accomplish 80% of all what you have to do before 2 pm everyday.

    Because typically in the afternoon we all experience an energy slop period. It is worst at home.

  6. Document, document and document

    Put everything by writing. It gives you an edge and helps you reflect on your day.
    It also enables you to discover and rediscover your personality. What best works for you and how you can evolve as a professional and as a human.

  7. Do physical things less intellectual things after 3 pm.

    It will help you relax and it will facilitate your thinking process.


In conclusion, you need to find what best works for you. That is the main reason why by documenting you will be able to assess the situation and adapt accordingly.

Inspirational materials

Any ideas or tips not mentioned above, share with us and help others.

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