5 Ways To Invest Money for long-term growth

How to invest money

Thinking of ways to invest money for long-term growth but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you are not alone. That is because this question plagues both established investors and novices. While no investment is risk-free, I wanted to walk you through what I consider as the best investment options.

5 Ways To Invest Money for long-term growth

#1 Co-Buying real estate:

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Indeed, property investment is one of the safest investments on earth. Even if the market goes down, people still need to live somewhere. In addition, to the rapid growth of the population and shortage in housing, prices can only go up. Nevertheless, to make a good return, you have to put in good cash. That is why pooling resources is amazing. Whether you want to buy rental properties, do flipping, or rent out duplexes. Co-buying enables you to raise enough money to go after good real estate projects.

Co-buying relies on the resources each person is bringing on to the table. Maybe a person has a property that needs development or another person has extensive experience in real estate. Either way, pooling financial resources shouldn’t be the sole factor that brings you guys together. True, the concept might be challenging. But, by expanding the horizon and thinking out of the box, unlimited potential can be unlocked.

#2 Peer to peer lending

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Peer to peer lending has been around for ages. While returns can vary depending on how risky the loans you choose to fund are, they can be upward of 6% or more. You can start with as little as $25 on platforms like a lending club. However, some platforms offer different investments in their primary market.

You can also create your peer-to-peer community with people you trust thus increasing your returns. But, make sure you have an excellent vetting process in place.

#3 Physical commodities

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Physical commodities are known to be a safe refuge. In fact, some are assets that appreciate with time. Furthermore, Commodities such as gold appreciate their value when the dollar currency is down especially during a recession period or a financial crisis. Moreover, gold is highly regarded as a currency dating back thousands of years.

Another physical asset is a currency. This is an extremely volatile market and probably one of the riskiest ways to invest your money. Chances are you will lose everything. But trading currencies can yield very spectacular returns if you are lucky. The key is to understand the internal political dynamics and how it would affect the currency you are investing in. Emergency markets usually yield substantial returns. Trading currency is known as forex.

Livestock: This is probably one of the most valuable commodities in the world as the population keeps growing.

#4 Community plantations

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This is one of my favorites investments. Community plantations have the advantage of serving a group of people thus the business can not just evaporate. Typically, you have to assess the crop and the market they serve. In general, if you do your due diligence very well you can expect to get a pretty decent return. as an illustration, crops such as avocado and coconut are in high demand in some markets.

Investing in a plantation also has the advantage of a perpetual income stream. But the maturity circle can be long at least 6 months. That being said, people need to eat, and with the world population growing the need for food will soar.

#5 People

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This is one of my family relatives’ greatest investment. I am not talking about setting up a consultancy practice. I am not eluding to businesses like coaching or personal training. What I am referring to is a more noble investment. If done right can yield incredible returns for life both financially and in terms of loyalty.

Imagine paying for people’s tuition or helping people achieve their dream without precondition. More than any investment this is more of a moral return. Those people you helped when they were in need will be forever grateful.

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