5 Top Trending News January 7th, 2021: Special

Every day we curate the top trending stories and news in America and summarize them for easy digestion. Here are 5 top trending news today January 7th, 2021.


Yesterday, we witness one of the darkest moments in U.S history. Indeed, it was the first time the country’s legislature overrun since the British attacked and burned the building in August 1814. As we continue to digest what just happened today, we encourage everyone to take a second and reflect on the significance of the events.

In the meantime here are my key takeaways:

1. The men and women in uniform that served today in the Capitol police in D.C. are the true heroes of the day.
Indeed, just think about it. Imagine what could have happened if they responded with brutality as we have seen so many times in some countries with similar circumstances. 

2. Democracy is fragile
Perhaps one of the most consequential takeaways from today is a reminder to most Americans that democracy is fragile.

3. The danger of disinformation 
Baseless claims made by the President and its enablers without any evidence fuelled the chaos experience today in D.C and across the country. 

4. The country is more than we all
The resumption of the electoral certification process is a demonstration of the importance attached to the institution of the country and the constitution.

5. The danger of the cult of the personality cult in politics
Today’s event reminded us that Democracy is not only determined by how strong are the institutions of a country but also by the mindset of the men and women in positions of power.


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