5 Things To Know In America Now: December 4th, 2020


  1. Britain is set to provide payments to any citizen who experiences adverse side effects as a result of taking a coronavirus vaccine, the country announced Thursday.
  2. A 102-year-old woman living in New York has contracted the coronavirus and beaten it twice. Angelina Friedman, who survived the 1918 Spanish Flu and cancer, first tested positive for COVID-19 in March.
  3. California will impose a limited stay-at-home order on certain regions of the state where Covid-19 cases are placing a strain on intensive care units, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Thursday.
  4. Pfizer has publicly said it plans to ship 50 million vaccines by the end of the year, down from an original 100 million doses. Because of supply chain problems f
  5. Biden said he plans to ask the American public to wear face masks for the first 100 days of his presidency: “Just 100 days to mask, not forever. 100 days. And I think we’ll see a significant reduction.”


  1. White House communications director Alyssa Farah resigned on Thursday.
  2. “The Department of Justice’s lawsuit alleges that Facebook engaged in intentional and widespread violations of the law, by setting aside positions for temporary visa holders instead of considering interested and qualified U.S. workers,” Assistant Attorney General Eric Dreiband said in a statement.
  3. Heidi Stirrup an official serving as President Donald Trump’s eyes and ears at the Justice Department has been banned from the building after trying to pressure staffers to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters she could relay to the White House. 
  4. Republican officials in Georgia are proposing additional requirements for the state’s vote-by-mail process, Two state Senate committees held hearings Thursday to begin a review of Georgia’s voting laws.
  5. A $908 billion COVID-19 relief proposal advanced by a bipartisan group of senators was gaining momentum on Capitol Hill, with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell speaking over the phone Thursday to discuss pandemic relief for the first time since the November election.


  1. Self-driving cars without human drivers as a back-up are now being tested in China’s Shenzhen city, according to AutoX, a Chinese autonomous car technology firm.
  2. For the second straight quarter, the world’s leading chief financial officers have a more positive outlook on the Chinese economy than they do for the economy of the United States.
  3. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer urged McConnell, a Republican, to immediately engage in negotiations, using the $908 billion initiative as a foundation.
  4. The U.S. Justice Department is discussing a deal with lawyers for Huawei’s Chief Financial Officer, Meng Wanzhou, that would allow her to return to China from Canada.
  5. Southwest Airlines told employees on Thursday that 6,800 workers may have to be furloughed. If Southwest goes through with the layoff it would be the first time it has done so in 50 years

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