5 Things To Know In America and The World This January 30th,2021

Every day, we send out a one-page memo summarizing the 5 top trending news in America and the world. In today’s highlights, senate democrat, Trump taxes, Johnson & Johnson, President Joe Biden, Wallstreetbets, Robinhood.


1. Johnson & Johnson said its experimental Covid-19 vaccine was 66% effective at protecting people from moderate to severe disease in a large clinical trial.

2. Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday that coronavirus new variants are expected to persist and eventually outnumber cases of the earlier strain of the virus. 

3. Black and Latino Americans are more likely to die from COVID-19 but according to early data from 23 states but they’re less likely to be vaccinated against it.

4. Riverside County public health officials in California have canceled Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and the Stagecoach Country Music Festival due to Coronavirus.

5. A mental health surge for the other pandemic.


1. President Joe Biden signaled “I support passing COVID relief with support from Republicans if we can get it,” he told reporters. “But the COVID relief has to pass. No ifs, ands or buts.”

2. A judge in New York on Friday ordered a law firm serving as counsel to the Trump Organization to turn over documents related to the former president’s business to the state’s attorney general

3. Georgia election board member to seek state AG probe of Trump.

4. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives will move next week on President Joe Biden’s plan to deliver a fresh infusion of COVID-19 relief to Americans and businesses reeling from the pandemic, top Democrats said on Thursday.

5. The U.S.-led military coalition killed the top ISIS leader in Iraq this week in an airstrike.


1. The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday warned Robinhood and other brokerages that it will “closely review” actions they took on Thursday that prevented investors from buying stock in GameStop and other popular Reddit-fueled stocks.

2. United Airlines said on Friday it warned some 14,000 employees that they might be furloughed.

3.The U.S. economy contracted at its deepest pace since World War Two in 2020. 

4.A Valero Energy Corp joint venture will become the largest renewable diesel producer in the United States in 2023 when it opens a second facility at a site in Texas.

5. Robinhood Markets Inc. and other brokerage firms raised more than $1 billion to meet clearinghouses’ new cash requirements due to surge in trading volume.


1. Mexico’s economy last year suffered its biggest annual contraction since the 1930s.

2. Johnson ‘immensely proud’ as visa offer for Hong Kong citizens launches.

3. The European Union and AstraZeneca clashed over the delayed delivery of millions of vaccines.

4. Novavax Inc. said Thursday that its COVID-19 vaccine appears 89% effective based on early findings from a British study and that it also seems to work.

5. Lebanese rioters set fire to several buildings in the northern city of Tripoli Thursday as outrage over the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

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