5 Things To Know In America and The World This January 17th,2021

Every day, we send out a one-page memo summarizing the 5 top trending news in America and the world. Hence find below the 5 top trending news in America on January 17th, 2021


  • 1. Microsoft,Oracle,Salesforce,Cerner,Cigna’s Evernorth,EPic and the Mayo Clinic are developing a digital vaccine passport that be stored in people’s smartphones and online.
  • 2. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University Los Angeles County becomes America’s first county to record more than 1 million cases.
  • 3. The U.K variant of coronavirus is quickly spreading across the United States of America.
  • 4. Biden wants to vaccinate 100 million Americans within his first 100 days.
  • 5.  The US death toll could surpass 400,000 before January 20th.


  1. President Donald Trump plans to depart the White House on Wednesday Morning to his West Palm Beach Florida home.

2. President Elect Joe Biden plans to sign a dozen of executive orders in first days of presidency.

3. Washington D.C officials tighten security at head of inauguration day.

4. A Virginia man was arrested Friday at an inauguration checkpoint in Washington, D.C., after police found him with an “unauthorized” inauguration credential and an unregistered hand gun with more than 500 rounds of ammunition in his car, according to authorities.

5. F.B.I. Urges Police Chiefs Across the U.S. to be on high alert threats


  • 1. The FBI is reportedly investigating if foreign actors funded some of the rioters that breached the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, a current and former FBI official told NBC News.
  • 2. U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington had sanctioned seven companies, including Chinese-based Jiangyin Mascot Special Steel Co and UAE-based Accenture Building Materials, and two people for shipping steel to or from Iran (Reuters).
  • 3. Amazon.com Inc was slapped with a class-action lawsuit on Thursday accusing the e-commerce giant of inflating the prices of ebooks in collusion with some publishers (Reuters).
  • 4. Fiat Chrysler and PSA sealed their long-awaited merger on Saturday to create Stellantis NV, the world’s fourth-largest auto group. Indeed, the newly form company starts trading Monday in Europe and Tuesday in New York.
  • 5. Biden’s stimulus plan $1.9T plan faces backlash from Republican lawmarkers.


  • 1. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right party chose Armin Laschet a Merkel’s ally and the pragmatic governor of Germany’s most populous state, as its new leader Saturday. 
  • 2. U.K Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he wants to use Britain’s presidency of the G7 to forge a consensus that the global economy must recover from the COVID-19 crisis in a pro-free trade and sustainable way.
  • 3. Iran’s cheap energy and high inflation have made it a center for cryptocurrency mining.
  • 4.  India starts the world’s largest Covid-19 vaccination campaign on Saturday.
  • 5. Uganda’s electoral commission said Saturday that President Yoweri Museveni won a sixth five-year term. 
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