Pay for College Tuition on your own

How To Pay for College Tuition on your own

How To Pay for College Tuition on your own

How to pay for college tuition is every student most pressure question? whether you are in school or just finish school (student loan). However thanks to many helpful tools you can find a solution that meets your needs.  Yet, we want to share some tips in the spirit of edulers a community-centered platform.

Make money to pay for college

  • Drive for a ride-sharing company: if you drive and own a car this a solution that can prove to be highly effective. Indeed, you can make up to $600 per week if you are aggressive.
  • Tutoring: Most people I know do this already. Because it is probably one of the most effective ways to make easy money in college.
  • Join a saving circle: Saving circles are amazing, as they pretty help you get the funding you need to pay for college tuition on your own. Chances are some saving circles have free resources such as scholarships or grants for members.
  • Launch a business: Think of something students will need regularly such as coffee, tea and establish yourself as their main direct supplier and build your community. In addition, the revenue generated can help you pay for college tuition on your own.
  • Storage service for your school mates: You have some students that are moving out but need a temporary storage place for their belongings.

Save money for your education

  • live off-campus and share a room: Living off campus can save you big. Living in a shared apartment and sharing a room will help you save money. In addition the further you go from the campus the cheaper rate you can have.
  • Volunteer for research: There is a very interesting case that could be made here. Indeed, some researches really pay well. In the short run, it will help you to alleviate some basic expenses. Plus, they are not time-consuming.
  • Rent for free: In the city, they are many people looking for help in their house. Thus, you can join a rent for help program where you can perform some home duties in exchange for a free place to stay.
  • Volunteers for community-oriented centers such as churches or not for profit. In exchange, you can get access to food pantries

Alternative strategies

1. Choose colleges that offer tuition-free programs

There are colleges that offer tuition-free programs. Because, they have implemented generous either merit-based full scholarships, work-study, and fellowship programs. Moreover, some of those colleges have received enough endowment to cover the tuition cost of some if not all students.

Faith-based colleges

Privately endowed research university Research university


Community college

  • Deep Springs College:                California

Others private colleges

public research university


2. Apply for grant

These are a great way to cover your cost. Unlike loans, you don’t have to pay back. Typically, grants for colleges are merit-based. Furthermore, they can be awarded based on ethnicity, religion, or other background criteria. Usually, they are two types of grants: private and federal.

Federal grants

They are either federal or state governments. Nonetheless, they are a form of financial assistance where the U.S government redistributes its resources to eligible. Just follow these steps to find the perfect fit.

  • Fill out the FAFSA

You will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal  Student  Aid (FAFSA). Also, there are so many reasons to fill out a FAFSA. But for the purposes of grants, you have to fill out a FAFSA so that the colleges can figure out the extent of your eligibility for financial aid. Nevertheless, it is on on a first-come, first-serve. Thus, you have to fill the form as soon as possible.

  • Discover your expected family contribution (EFC)

Your EFC is the amount your family is presumed to pay for college based on financial information. Despite whether they actually intend to pay that amount. Normally, students with higher EFCs are likely to receive loans rather than grants but don’t be discouraged.

  • Disbursement options

You can choose to get a single lump-sum payment or disbursement of equal installment.

  • CSS profile:

You can also fill out a CSS profile to get access to grants as well as scholarships.

list of grants

  • Pell Grants: they are awarded solely on your financial need.
  • Academic Competitiveness Grant: Merit and need-based grant for college freshmen and sophomores.
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG):  federal grants that help low-income undergraduate students 
  • Teach Grants: a good option for students who agree to teach for four years at an elementary or secondary school that serves low-income families.
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants: for students whose parent or guardian passed away as a result of military service in Afghanistan or Iraq after September 11, 2001. 
  • National Science and Mathematics Access to Retain Talent (SMART) Grant: for college juniors and seniors on the basis of need and merit.

Private grants

  • The Education Support Award from the Patsy Takemoto Mink Education Foundation: This award helps low-income mothers.
  • Grants from companies/organizations: companies are looking for help to advance a key project. Likewise, those grants can go up to millions. Typically, they are research grants or project experimentation or prototype testing.

3. Apply for scholarships

4. Launch a crowdfunding campaign

They are multiple stories of students funding their college degree through crowdfunding campaigns. For instance, read this great story of Elijah “E-Jayy” DeVaughn on gofundme.

5. Get a student loan

Student loans can be tricky. But ultimately they are useful. That is why it is advisable to have a full understanding of the implication before sign in.


They are ways you can leverage to pay for college. But, you have to get out there and put yourself out of your comfort zone to make it happen. Yet, no matter what option you choose always keep in mind your long term goal.


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