An Innovative Approach to Budgeting: The Saving Canvas

The saving canvas was inspired by the business model canvas. It will help you make a budget that works. Surely, the goal is to break down all your spends. That is because we consider your budget as a set of blocks. Visualization can help eliminate non-essential spends and aid you come up with alternatives. Hence, mastering the saving canvas will assist you to map out and to design the most effective budget.

Takeaways: How to Make a Budget That Works

  • Key spending: the block represents all transactions. You will unravel all your spendings to look at a granular level. Don’t forget every aspect or activity.
  • Resources. They are either monetary or time. Sometimes, we tend to only focus on the financial aspect of budgeting. So including time will go a long way.
  • Reasons for spending: Here we answer the question “why do you need this?”
  • Payment methods: Card, cash and time.
  • Alternatives: Do you have alternatives that provide the same level of satisfaction?
  • Total spending: quantify all your spendings
  • Total alternative: quantify all the alternatives
  • Saving: This is the difference between alternatives and savings.

However, you will not achieve all the intended goal, if you don’t dedicate yourself.

Learn How to Make a Budget That Works with The saving canvas

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”The saving canvas”]

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