How To Make Money Online: Facebook Marketplace Powerful Than Amazon

People look at Facebook as a funnel creation platform solely. Perhaps, if you flip that perception by exerting a growth mindset and digging into the platform you will look at it differently. Indeed, Facebook Marketplace is bigger than Amazon and has been growing steadily. In this article, I will explain how you can leverage the platform for money making.

Takeaways: How To Make Money Online: Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has more than 800 Million monthly active users in 70 countries. They browse, sell, buy and provide discovery opportunities for retailers. You can find pretty much anything you need. Plus access to the marketplace is effortless. Even though it does not have a payment gateway.

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A. There is no listing fee

Facebook marketplace, unlike other platforms, has no set listing fees for now.

B. Any person or brand can sell

But not all e-commerce platforms are sync with Facebook Marketplace. As an illustration here are some e-commerce websites that are offering the feature: BigCommerce, Channel advisor, Shopify,3dcart, commerce hub, Magento, Squarespace, and WooCommerce. You can also activate the shop setting on your facebook page.

However, if you are an individual seller you can list your product directly, set the price and start selling. Look on the left of your feed and you will find Facebook Marketplace. You can instantly push your listed product in some groups for free without ads. It is extremely simple, you can basically list any product and connect directly with potential buyers.

C. Build Trust 

Because it is fairly new for consumers, you will have to exert patient, develop a strong communication strategy and build trust. Be professional, educate your customers and be very responsive. Develop a very strong customer-oriented concept that goes from listing to delivery. Further, the faster you ship, the better you will resonate within your market. Adjust your pricing to include shipping and pick up locations.

D. Do More

Unlike the other platforms that offer an integrated experience (listing, inventory management, shipping, etc..) Facebook marketplace doesn’t for now. consequently, you will have to do most of the work. Nevertheless, you can integrate your Facebook page directly with a fulfillment center.

E. Unlimited potential

The market potential on Facebook is extremely impressive. Indeed, Nothing comes close with excellent mining you can achieve great results. There is no limitation on what you can sell and the reach. Also, if you integrate facebook related WhatsApp and Instagram the potential is phenomenal.

F. Cost-effective

You can basically manage everything on the platform, you don’t need to set up a website, or chatbot any Facebook business page will do or individual page.

Learn more:

Facebook Marketplace is for discovering, buying and selling. You can connect with buyers where they already are.

How do I sell an item on Marketplace? by Facebook

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