The Saving Canvas Illustrated

How to build a budget made simple with The saving canvas illustrated. Below, you will find an illustrative example. Indeed, it is a series of video that will improve the tool understanding.

Takeaways: How to build a budget

It is important to stress that the tool main goal is to look at your spending holistically not just from a monetary standpoint. Actually, most budgeting tools will exclusively focus on the monetary aspect of your spend. Thus, underestimating the impact of non-monetary value in your budgeting.

Time, for example, is a critical element that affects your budget. The total cost of making your own food is the sum total of the money you spend on buying and paying for the resources and your availability. Generally called opportunity cost.

How To Make Money Charging Electric Scooters Via CNBC Make It

You make money charging electric scooters. Indeed, “Superchargers” can make hundreds of dollars a night charging electric scooters for start-ups like Bird and Lime in certain cities. Here are some tips on how to make money off this side hustle.


How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich

How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich By Tom Ferry

Learning how to properly manage your money like the rich, will help you with your money. That is because they have mastered the art of money management.

The rules set up a winning strategy for those looking to improve their finances. Indeed, personal experiences are at the heart of the methodology.