0. The Power Of The Community

The Power Of The Community

The power of the community relies on the assumption, that nobody can achieve alone. It stresses its core principle from the acknowledgment that 1+1 = 3. The multiplication effect or the synergies effect. Yet, most people acknowledge the former but there’s also a spiritual component to it. Perhaps, in my opinion, the most important of all.

Take a moment an imagine your life without any family, relatives, neighbors or friends. How miserable would that be? Further, imagine a world without people to talk to or to listen to your worries or concerns. I am not saying you should be best friends with each and every human being living in the world. Even though that would be awesome. But understanding and acknowledging that to grow, and to elevate yourself you need the other person. This is a fundamental truth any other assumption is just pure hypocrisy and ignorance.

The power of the community is a reflection of our role in society and how we interact with our fellows. We spent an enormous amount of energy complaining about others but limited time reflecting on our personal actions. Appreciating how our actions impact our environment is critical. Good karma comes from good actions

However, communities strengthened by the desire to evolve and provide a safe haven for its members excel. They do that by caring for all. They enforce that by making sure people who call themselves community members respect everybody.

As an example, in some communities, people come together to pool resources to help one of their members in need or to sponsor a cause that will benefit the entire community. As a result, those communities enjoy stability and a strong sense of belonging.

At a smaller scale, we can think about our family as a community. Do they stand by you when you are kicked out of your apartment and need a place to stay? Do they support you when you are in desperate need of money? Perhaps do they just tell you to figure it out? Plus your friends play an important role as well. Are they available when you need to get back on your feet? Do they elevate you or bring you down? Surely, it goes the other way. Are you an active member of your community? Do you play a critical role in your family, community, and friends? Remember you need to give back to get back.


In essence, building your community is a critical component of your financial, personal and spiritual success. A person with a strong community is more poise for success. That is because of the community act as a support system. Even though benefits are individual, but they act collectively. Also, actions are set to help the community grow not for a unique person or a defined person. Emotionally and spiritually you are in peace with yourself when you play a critical role in your community. Thus good karma brings you good fortune.

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