1. Transactional Relationship : Destructive illusion

Transactional Relationship: destructive illusion

Humans are guided by emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. The immense majority, can’t do things without integrating all those elements. However, some have master the art of transactional relationships so well. It became part of them.

What is a transactional relationship and how it creates a destructive illusion?

It’s hard for some people to make sense of the word. As an illustration, it took me years to clarify my thoughts. Coming from a community-oriented mindset where everything starts and ends with “we”. The power of “We” creates internal strengths since you know you are never alone.

As a result, when you structure a relationship with people. You put in a certain level of decency, and moral compass. Consequently, it is unendurable when you realize people see you as a currency. Despite your kindness, strong support, and cheerful slant.

That’s because everything in their world revolves around “emotional currencies“. The exchange of something for something. Currency of smile, currency of good morning, currency of love, or currency of greetings. I called this: “I give because I will take attitude” 

That ability to detach themselves from emotions portray the common attitude. More importantly, they don’t care about the negative impact of their choices. It’s all about short-term immediate rewards from the exchange. In addition, in their sphere, there’s no trust only interest.

From their perspective is all good as long as they can get what they want. Furthermore, benefits are measured by the number of materials things they possess.

Notwithstanding it’s all illusions. That’s because when people uncover who they are, they leave and never come back. As a result, they find themselves alone, divorced multiple times, family rejection, no career path, no personal growth and with no real long-term friends.

I am not advancing an argument of rejection rather advocating for inclusion. Still, they are those who acknowledge the problem and reverse cause. They are those who understand the problem. But won’t change. No matter how hard you try. They don’t see the benefits of perseverance, honesty and building genuine long-term relationships.

Unfortunately the former requires personal will; the latter there isn’t much you can do. Simply because they don’t value the power of the community.

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