Surprising Ways to Earn Money

Making money is extremely time-consuming. We’ve all heard the expression more you put in more you get out. Yet, we found surprising ways to earn money. Besides, compared to our last articles on how to make $100k part 1 & 2, they are effortless. Even though you have to pass in some basic initial screening.

Takeaways :

Sometimes we want to earn money without sacrificing our time and effort. But we have some limitations. Maybe we are too busy or perhaps we are in a challenging situation.

suprising ways to earn money

Regardless, acknowledging available options help.

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1. Get Paid to Walk

In this article, well kept wallet, illustrates 9 legit ways to get paid to walk. Consequently, we have the benefit of doing a workout and earning money.

2. Get paid to lose weight

The penny hoarder walks us through an interesting article that explains how the process works and the companies behind. Obviously, this is a wonderful push for those looking to lose weight.

3. Get paid to listen to music online

oh, sweet, getting paid to listen to music online. Thus, in this article, work at home adventures, elaborates all the opportunities available. But pinpoint the potential gains. Definitely, this is a paradise for music lovers.

4. Get paid to donate your body for medical science

You can make good money for donating your time or body to science. Indeed, researchers need people to test theories, try new drugs or simply organs, and body fluid donations. Furthermore, you get good pay. Finally, here is a list of things you can do:

  • Lie in bed for 60 days straight as part of NASA research pay commonly $18500.
  • Sell your blood plasma payout per donation around $50.
  • Sell your poop payout per donation: $40
  • Woman donate your eggs payout per donation: usually between $8000 to $14000
  • Men donate your sperm payout per donation: typically between $35 to$125
  • Become a surrogate mother by carrying a baby in your womb: between $24000 to $45000
  • Read the complete article from Business Insider to find more

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