0. The Power Of The Community

The Power Of The Community

The power of the community relies on the assumption, that nobody can achieve alone. It stresses its core principle from the acknowledgment that 1+1 = 3. The multiplication effect or the synergies effect. Yet, most people acknowledge the former but there’s also a spiritual component to it. Perhaps, in my opinion, the most important of all.

Take a moment an imagine your life without any family, relatives, neighbors or friends. How miserable would that be? Further, imagine a world without people to talk to or to listen to your worries or concerns. I am not saying you should be best friends with each and every human being living in the world. Even though that would be awesome. But understanding and acknowledging that to grow, and to elevate yourself you need the other person. This is a fundamental truth any other assumption is just pure hypocrisy and ignorance.

The power of the community is a reflection of our role in society and how we interact with our fellows. We spent an enormous amount of energy complaining about others but limited time reflecting on our personal actions. Appreciating how our actions impact our environment is critical. Good karma comes from good actions

However, communities strengthened by the desire to evolve and provide a safe haven for its members excel. They do that by caring for all. They enforce that by making sure people who call themselves community members respect everybody.

As an example, in some communities, people come together to pool resources to help one of their members in need or to sponsor a cause that will benefit the entire community. As a result, those communities enjoy stability and a strong sense of belonging.

At a smaller scale, we can think about our family as a community. Do they stand by you when you are kicked out of your apartment and need a place to stay? Do they support you when you are in desperate need of money? Perhaps do they just tell you to figure it out? Plus your friends play an important role as well. Are they available when you need to get back on your feet? Do they elevate you or bring you down? Surely, it goes the other way. Are you an active member of your community? Do you play a critical role in your family, community, and friends? Remember you need to give back to get back.


In essence, building your community is a critical component of your financial, personal and spiritual success. A person with a strong community is more poise for success. That is because of the community act as a support system. Even though benefits are individual, but they act collectively. Also, actions are set to help the community grow not for a unique person or a defined person. Emotionally and spiritually you are in peace with yourself when you play a critical role in your community. Thus good karma brings you good fortune.

1. Transactional Relationship : Destructive illusion

Transactional Relationship: destructive illusion

Humans are guided by emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. The immense majority, can’t do things without integrating all those elements. However, some have master the art of transactional relationships so well. It became part of them.

What is a transactional relationship and how it creates a destructive illusion?

It’s hard for some people to make sense of the word. As an illustration, it took me years to clarify my thoughts. Coming from a community-oriented mindset where everything starts and ends with “we”. The power of “We” creates internal strengths since you know you are never alone.

As a result, when you structure a relationship with people. You put in a certain level of decency, and moral compass. Consequently, it is unendurable when you realize people see you as a currency. Despite your kindness, strong support, and cheerful slant.

That’s because everything in their world revolves around “emotional currencies“. The exchange of something for something. Currency of smile, currency of good morning, currency of love, or currency of greetings. I called this: “I give because I will take attitude” 

That ability to detach themselves from emotions portray the common attitude. More importantly, they don’t care about the negative impact of their choices. It’s all about short-term immediate rewards from the exchange. In addition, in their sphere, there’s no trust only interest.

From their perspective is all good as long as they can get what they want. Furthermore, benefits are measured by the number of materials things they possess.

Notwithstanding it’s all illusions. That’s because when people uncover who they are, they leave and never come back. As a result, they find themselves alone, divorced multiple times, family rejection, no career path, no personal growth and with no real long-term friends.

I am not advancing an argument of rejection rather advocating for inclusion. Still, they are those who acknowledge the problem and reverse cause. They are those who understand the problem. But won’t change. No matter how hard you try. They don’t see the benefits of perseverance, honesty and building genuine long-term relationships.

Unfortunately the former requires personal will; the latter there isn’t much you can do. Simply because they don’t value the power of the community.

Surprising Ways to Earn Money

Making money is extremely time-consuming. We’ve all heard the expression more you put in more you get out. Yet, we found surprising ways to earn money. Besides, compared to our last articles on how to make $100k part 1 & 2, they are effortless. Even though you have to pass in some basic initial screening.

Takeaways :

Sometimes we want to earn money without sacrificing our time and effort. But we have some limitations. Maybe we are too busy or perhaps we are in a challenging situation.

suprising ways to earn money

Regardless, acknowledging available options help.

Learn more: Surprising Ways to Earn Money

1. Get Paid to Walk

In this article, well kept wallet, illustrates 9 legit ways to get paid to walk. Consequently, we have the benefit of doing a workout and earning money. https://wellkeptwallet.com/get-paid-to-walk

2. Get paid to lose weight

The penny hoarder walks us through an interesting article that explains how the process works and the companies behind. Obviously, this is a wonderful push for those looking to lose weight.

3. Get paid to listen to music online

oh, sweet, getting paid to listen to music online. Thus, in this article, work at home adventures, elaborates all the opportunities available. But pinpoint the potential gains. Definitely, this is a paradise for music lovers.

4. Get paid to donate your body for medical science

You can make good money for donating your time or body to science. Indeed, researchers need people to test theories, try new drugs or simply organs, and body fluid donations. Furthermore, you get good pay. Finally, here is a list of things you can do:

  • Lie in bed for 60 days straight as part of NASA research pay commonly $18500.
  • Sell your blood plasma payout per donation around $50.
  • Sell your poop payout per donation: $40
  • Woman donate your eggs payout per donation: usually between $8000 to $14000
  • Men donate your sperm payout per donation: typically between $35 to$125
  • Become a surrogate mother by carrying a baby in your womb: between $24000 to $45000
  • Read the complete article from Business Insider to find more

5 Ways To Invest Money for long-term growth

Thinking of ways to invest money for long-term growth but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry you are not alone. That is because this question plagues both established investors and novices. While no investment is risk-free, I wanted to walk you through what I consider as the best investment options.

Learn more: 5 Ways To Invest Money for long-term growth


#1 Co-Buying real estate:

Indeed, property investment is one of the safest investment on earth. Even if the market goes down, people still need to live somewhere. In addition to the rapid growth of the population and shortage in housing, prices can only go up. Nevertheless, to make a good return, you have to put in good cash. That is why resource pooling is amazing. Whether you want to buy rental properties, do flipping, rent out duplexes or Airbnb. Co-buying enables you to raise enough money to go after good real estates projects.

The good thing about co-buying relies on the resources each person is bringing on to the table. Maybe a person has a property that needs development or another has extensive experience in real estate. Either way, financial resources pooling shouldn’t be the sole factor that brings you guys together. By expanding the horizon and thinking out of the box, unlimited potential can be unlocked.

#2 Peer to peer lending

Peer to peer lending has been around for ages. While returns can vary depending on how risky the loans you choose to fund are, they can be upward of 6% or more. You can start with as little as $25 on platforms like lendingclub. However, some platforms offer different investments in their primary market.

You can also create your peer-to-peer community with people you trust thus increasing your returns. But make sure you have an excellent vetting process in place.

#3 Physical commodities

Physical commodities are known to be a safe refuge. In fact, some are assets that appreciate with time. Furthermore, Commodities such as gold appreciate their value when the dollar currency is down especially during a recession period or a financial crisis. Moreover, gold is highly regarded as a currency dating back thousands of years.

Another physical asset is a currency. This is an extremely volatile market and probably one of the riskiest ways to invest your money. Chances are you will lose everything forever. But trading currencies can yield very spectacular returns if you are lucky. The key is to understand the internal political dynamics and how it would affect the currency you are investing in. Emergency markets usually yield substantial returns. Trading currency is known as forex.

#4 Community plantations

This is one of my favorites investment. Community plantations have the advantage of serving a group of people thus the business can not just evaporate. Typically, you have to assess the crop and the market they serve. In general, if you do your due diligence very well you can expect to get a pretty decent return. as an illustration, crop such as avocado and coconut are in high demand in some markets.

Investing in a plantation also have the advantage of a perpetual income stream. But the maturity circle can be long at least 6 months. That said people need to eat and with the world population growing the need for food will soar.

#5 People

This is one of my family relatives greatest investment. I am not talking about setting up a consultancy practice. I am not eluding to businesses like coaching or personal training. What I am referring to is a more noble investment. If done right can yield incredible returns for life both financially and in terms of loyalty.

Imagine paying for people’s tuition or helping people achieve their dream without precondition. More than any investment this is more of a moral return. Those people you helped when they were in needs will be forever grateful.

Behavioral Money Coaching [Free E-Book]

Behavioral Money Coaching Magazine explores the many facets of money. Moreover, It stretches from the deeply personal to the practical. In addition, its publications foster our money management habits. Also, it is free and on issuu. The author Deborah Price, runs beside the money coaching institute.


It takes just a couple of minutes to elevate your thoughts and mind with valuable contents. That is why this is probably one of the best content available out there related to the topic. Probably because the author is an expert with numerous years of experience in the field. Those years of experience give her a unique perspective and she was able to convey that in this magazine.


Here are some benefits draw out from reading the magazine

  • Educate yourself
  • Improve your habits
  • Understand the why, the what and the how of the concept
  • Learn how to work with a budget

Learn: Behavioral Money Coaching Magazine

[pdf-embedder url=”https://tegumelvis.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/4f334-behavioralmoneycoachingmagazine.pdf”%5D


This magazine is really good at helping people build very good money habits in the spirit of community. Moreover, by reading this magazine you will get acquaintance with financial terms and expression. Furthermore, it would set you on track to meet your goal and unraveled any doubts you have accumulated when it comes to setting you on financial freedom.

Ways To Save Money In 2019

We only start saving when we develop a mindset shift towards healthy money habits. One way to achieve that is to always balance what is important vs what is necessary. Nonetheless, here some ways to save money in 2019.

Takeaways: Ways To Save Money In 2019

In today era there is a lot of distractions, attractions, and temptations. New gadgets, products, and brands are popping up practically every second. In addition, marketing agencies are more aggressive than ever pushing contents across multiple platforms. Thus, we are hammered throughout the day with ads. When we manage to escape media coverages, we have to face society and the pressure that comes with. It is often a lost cause if we don’t have a strong mindset. One simple way to avoid being trapped is to always to take 5 seconds to ask a simple question :

Is this purchase important or it is necessary?

If the answer is important then don’t buy, if the purchase is necessary then go for it. By sticking to what is necessary we avoid making emotional, impulsive and society-oriented purchases.


  • Pretty easy to set up
  • Leverages the power of the community
  • Augment our emergency fund
  • Improve our moral, emotional stability and boost our confidence

Learn: Ways To Save Money In 2019

1. Your daily budget/period

Budgeting is the first start. It clarifies your money habit. But I recommend setting up a daily budget then you break it down at a granular level per period (morning, afternoon and evening). Then, you input all details in your calendar. Finally, synchronize all the information with all your smart devices. Then activates your reminder to keep track of your habits.

2. Find a uniform for work and at home

This minimalistic lifestyle will free your bank account, reduce stress and keep you on track financially.

3. Build your community

Find people who share the same value and connect with them. Swap products, recycled items, exchange used products and organize grocery group buying activities to take advantage of savings. The potential is infinite.

4. Buy really solid garments

This might sound contradicting because solid usually refers to expensive. Especially in today’s environment. Yet we all have this ugly, rock-solid pair of sneakers, shoes, shirts we bought some years ago. I remembered when I was in high school my dad gave me a pair of Salomon sneaker I wore them throughout my high school. They lasted forever. I passed the shoe to my cousin when I graduated. Today again I still have the same pants, shirts, pullover I bought 5 years ago. They might be expensive but the quality will go a long way to save you tons of money in the long run. As you won’t see any need for replacement.

5. Shop thrift store

You can find really good products at a thrift store. The thrift stores shopping movement is on the rise in the entire country.

6. Resist social pressure

Generally, we succumb to our primary impulsive buying habits because of friends, family or relatives. As an illustration, we will buy an iPhone X because this person has one or because we want to be accepted by a group. More we want to show off social status. We subscribe to 100 channels cable TV because everybody has one. Even though we only watch 2 channels per week. In essence, social norms can influence up to 30% of spending habits. I know it’s said than done. But remember at the end of the day you will be on your own with your bills. If you can’t afford to pay them the same people that were encouraging you to spend will reject you.

Where Can I Invest $25/day for maximum returns?

A couple a week ago my roommate Alex over dinner asked a question “How to invest money specifically $25 for maximum returns?”  First, I was stunned by the question. Then naturally I was unable to answer with clarity. So I decided to embark on a discovery journey. That’s after rephrasing it to “where to invest $ 25/day?”

Takeaways: How to Invest money $25/day for maximum returns?

  • Discovery and data collection

My discovery process started by asking myself how much I spend per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, I explored my weekend activities and the budget I spent each time I go out. Further, I asked around me to see if my friends, co-workers, neighbors, and relatives are in the same spending range. In addition, I asked them if they are willing to put $25/day in an investment. They overwhelmingly answered absolutely.

  • Investment opportunities

I was amazed when I started exploring the other end: “investment opportunities”, how many opportunities are available? But most importantly how much impact could be created both for the borrower and the lender?.

  • Recommendation

The only strong recommendation that I can formulate is to only focus on companies that lend working capital.


  • $25 is not a lot of money to put in a project.
  • Most people spend more than the amount ($125) on a single weekend outing.
  • If you do an investment pool you can even expect better risk management.
  • $750 per month can really go a long way to support some small businesses
  • It can yield some very surprising returns on investment
  • It is money otherwise spend/ loss anyways just put it to work.

The math:

$25/ per day, turn out to be $125 per week and $750 per month. That is more than enough working capital for some small businesses to turn around for a month. If you take into consideration an interest rate between 5% to 17% at a fixed rate. You can expect a good yield.

  • Total investment: $750/month
  • Total return: $37.5/month ( conservative)

Obviously, the return can be substantial in some high-risk investment opportunities.

Learn more: How Can I Invest money $25/day for maximum returns?

Here is a list of opportunities that you can explore. Evidently, the list is not by no means exhaustive :

Kiva: the company uses the crowdfunding approach to fund project all over the world. Based in San Francisco the company has already funneled more than $1.2B since its inception in multiple investment projects around the world. learn more: https://www.kiva.org

Zidisha: the company uses the same model as Kiva. Learn more: www.zidisha.org

Lendingclub: The company is a peer-to-peer lending company registered in the USA. It was the first company in the USA. Over the years through the company has evolved and now has also institutions as part of the platform. More $44B have been already borrowed thanks to more than 2.5 million customers. Learn more: https://www.lendingclub.com

Prosper Marketplace: is similar to lendingclub. Learn more https://www.prosper.com/

Kabbage: is a company that provides working capital loans to small businesses. Working capital is the gas for any business. More $6.5B has been awarded since its inception to more than 170000 businesses. Learn more: https://www.kabbage.com

Upstart: is a company that leverages AI to provide loans, the system is fully automated. They work with individuals but as well as large banks. Learn more: https://www.upstart.com/about#who-we-are

Betterment and Robinhood are also great alternatives for investment.

In addition, you can join a lending circle. For example Mission asset fund: https://missionassetfund.org/lending-circles.

Finally, you can save money in your account and enjoy the benefit of the interest rate or put it towards your 401k or IRA.

How To Manage Money part 2 [Free E-Book]

Money management is a very important skill. Probably the most valuable skill to learn and master in your life. Also, this ebook  “How To Manage Money part 2” will go a step futher.

How To Manage Money part 2

Typically you find an accountant that handles all money issues for those who can afford. Nevertheless, for the immense majority, getting our money where its belong is a struggle.


Takeaways: How To Manage Money part 2

This E-Book is complementary to the previous E-Book mentioned above. Because it goes further with straight forward outlines. Consequently, the main idea here is to help you improve your money management skills without compromising your quality of life.

Advantages :

Mastering the skill will definitely step you on track for financial freedom. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Pay your bill on time
  • prepare for your retirement
  • Build a strong credit score
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Offer yourself vacation: often time we think we need to make a hefty paycheck to be able to take a good vacation whereas, in reality, it is just a matter of planification.

Learn more:

Read this E-Book and get more insights.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://tegumelvis.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/39ef0-the-simpler-way-to-managing-money-and-getting-your-finances-in-order-without-going-crazy.pdf”%5D


Being smart with your money doesn’t have to be daunting and challenging. In addition, you don’t need to a nerdy to crunch your number. Simply, don’t spend more than what you earn. In other to achieve that you have to also set yourself in the right mindset, hang out with the appropriate people and have a clear vision of where you are heading in your life.

How To Manage Money [Free E-Book]

This e-book will uncover all the tricks and the strategies to better manage money. You will learn how to earn, save and invest money.

How to manage money

Surely, it is not an answer to all your financial concerns but it would probably to provide some guidance. Indeed the book is well articulated and it would guide through the entire process of understanding what money is and how to can be more effective and efficient.

Takeaways: How to manage money

Financial literacy is a critical skill to master and the sooner, the better. Nevertheless, those skills are not taught in school. Indeed according to an article published on Forbes students of all ages aren’t exposed.


It is a very good skill that will go a long way in your life. In addition, here are some benefits of mastering the skill.

  • Better money habit will help you build your financial freedom

Good money habit will provide more flexibility in your budget. It will create a focus oriented mindset.

  • Prepare for your retirement

Every step you will take should guide you through the retirement moment.

  • Improve your spending habits
  • Understanding the value of money

Learn more:

This free e-book will break down the details.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://tegumelvis.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/db478-financial-literacy-handbook-2.pdf” title=”Financial-Literacy-Handbook”]

How To Make Handmade Jewelry [Free E-Book]

Handmade jewelry, especially jewelry, are in high demands among communities. That is why we have multiple community platforms such as Etsy connecting makers and handmade products aficionados. How To Make Handmade Jewelry

Nay, sometimes we want to get into that space but we don’t know how to go about. Thankfully, this e-book will provide a step by step guide.

Takeaways: How To Make Handmade Jewelry

Handmade jewelry is a pretty solid source of income. More so, if the piece is well and uniquely crafted. They can be sold at pop-up shop events, at convenience stores, within the community, friends, family, co-workers, classmates and online.

The math

The average sale price of jewelry varies from $10 to $25 for ordinary less flashy pieces of jewelry. The cost of goods made is around 20% of the product. That leaves you will a healthy profit of about 80% per piece.

Where to sell your handmade jewelry

You can sell your artwork on Etsy, Facebook marketplace, Amazon, your website or simply in various stores around your neighborhood. In addition, to building your brand you really set up yourself for success.

Learn more

Read the following E-book to learn more about the secret of making the perfect jewelry.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://tegumelvis.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/50840-jewelry-making-secrets.pdf” title=”Jewelry Making Secrets”]