How To Make Money Cooking at Home

Restaurants in private homes are increasingly gaining popularity all over and disrupting the traditional eatery business model. Indeed, that is because the culinary options are limitless and the barrier to entry is non-existent. Furthermore, they are extremely affordable compared to classic restaurants. However, venues and hosts need to be thoroughly vetted.

Takeaways :

Restaurants in private homes offer a wonderful chance to interact with people while sharing a good meal. Nevertheless, the safety of the guest should always be the top priority. Other than that they have some great benefits.

Advantages: earn money by running a restaurant at home:

  • Platform to experiment a lot more with ingredients: by hosting people at a regular base you can sharpen your cooking skills and try a lot of more as most guests are open to trying new things.
  • Great way of meeting people: good foods always bring people together and this business provides the perfect opportunity.
  • Additional revenue: It is a perfect way to make additional revenue.
  • It is a winning concept: You meet new people, improve your culinary skills and make money.

The math:

$10 per person for 10 people, Nonetheless, If you put in some effort in creating a great atmosphere in your house and you can command more that.

  1. Cost:
  • Most of all your cost will be variable costs and the effect of buying in bulk will lower the price. Because you will also shop your household.
  • Your margin fixed cost will extremely low.
  1. Revenue: a conservative approach
  • $10 per person for 10 people, twice a week that’s $200 every week.
  • Be creative at a delivery service.
  • Monthly revenue: $800

Profit: You can except in the worst case scenario to break-even or make an average of 10% to 20% per night. The best you can turn it in a recurrent income stream.

Learn how to earn money by running a restaurant at home:

Watch the Tedx video below and appreciate what it takes to turn your house into a home restaurant.

They are some startups that embraced the model and turned it into a lucrative business. In the light of Airbnd and others from the sharing economy. Here is a list of the best known:

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