What is carpooling?

What is Carpooling ?

Carpooling is best known as the activity of making a regular journey in a single car with one or many people. Usually, two or more people come to an agreement to take turns to drive the others. However, one person can drive each commute. In addition, the model involves all sort of mobility vehicles.


Carpooling is a great way to organize your commute among colleagues, classmates, neighbors, friends or even family members. Whether, it is for grocery shopping, work, school, sports games, or any social activities, this system turns out to be extremely useful and effective. Nevertheless, it is important to have everything agree upon such as the cost-sharing, the driving arrangement, driving responsibilities, beforehand.

Advantages of carpooling :

  • Increase well-being: less time driving equates to a better health condition and a better overall sense of well-being. There is growing evidence of correlation car pollution with some health diseases.
  • Save money: you will save a lot of money on car insurance, car maintenance, parking, gas, and lease every month
  • Cut down on traffic: nothing worst like traffic especially after a long day.
  • Cut down on pollution: for those concerned with the environmental impact generated by main cars on our road, carpooling will be an alternative.
  • Community buddy: one of the biggest benefits of this type of commute is the social bond and network that you creates within your community.

The math:

You share a car with your wife. She drives you to work every day and pick you up after work.

  1. Cost:
  • Buy a car depending on your budget
  • Share gas cost
  • Car maintenance cost
  • Insurance cost
  1. Savings: a conservative approach 01 car per family.
  • You get to save on car payment
  • Car insurance
  • Gas
  • Car maintenance
  • Opportunity cost

Total savings: between 30% to 40% an average per month. That is additional money in your wallet. Obviously, this will require a mindset adjustment. Also, you can estimate how much you can save with this website service https://www.rideshare.com

How to make money carpooling?

Unlock multiple benefits by driving your friends or coworker to work. Such cash, parking vouchers, gas and of course making new friends.

Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, has implemented a program that allows carpoolers to make up to $2 per day over a 90-day period for a maximum incentive of $130. Check out more information on the official website commuter connection. Your earning can increase based on incentives.

Across the country similar programs are being implemented:

    • Birmingham, Alabama, drivers make up to $70 over 90 days for taking alternative transportation or carpooling.
    • South Florida, you can earn up to $150 (depending on the size of your carpool) per month or eight free hours toward a car-sharing program in Miami if you register or are part of a carpool. More information here.
    • Near San Jose, Calif., drivers get up to $60 in free gas for carpooling. People who drive on the busy highway between Boulder and Denver can make more than $75 for carpooling or vanpooling. Check more details here.

Find carpooling members

Website such as rideshare is an awesome resource to help out. In addition RideJoy, Carpoolworld, eRideShare, Carticipate, and Zimride.

Easy tips to make ride a success

  • Establish a payment method
  • Set a meeting point
  • Agree on rules and the cost
  • Be clear about your destination, drop off point and pick off point



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