Why we need Community Gardens?

Farming is often considered as exclusive for rural areas but that is changing with community gardens. Because rural areas have enough space. Nevertheless, we can observe a growing presence of community gardens around major cities in the country and in the world. They utilize available space to build green meeting points. Consequently facilitating and promoting urban farming as an evolving movement to encourage social awareness around issues like healthy lifestyle and community involvement.

ave money with community gardens


Community garden gives access to fresh, healthy and affordable food. When you join a community garden you have a piece of a shared plot where you can grow your own season vegetables and fruits.

Advantages to save money with community gardens:

The math:

Break down your grocery budget and estimate how much goes into fresh produce such as tomatoes, carrots, basil, onions, green pepper, etc…

  1. Cost:
  • Most community gardens are free but you have to pay a small maintenance fee very negligible. However admission is random and at a base of first come first serve.
  • Educational materials on how to grow fresh vegetable: free YouTube videos
  • Seeds: $40
  1. Revenue: a conservative approach
    • By leveraging a community garden and optimizing the space you can reduce your fresh produce budget by up to 10%
    • Excess harvest could be sold to your neighbors, friends or family at a small cost.

Profit: You can except in the worst case scenario to break-even or reduce your budget by at least 10%

ave money with community gardens

Check near you to save money with community gardens:

This useful link will greatly help you. In addition, the website will prove to be very resourceful: https://communitygarden.org/find-a-garden/

ave money with community gardens

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