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How I juggle between a full-time job, a start-up, my side gigs and my family

Sometimes, I compare my life to Jack Bauer’s without all the secret service credentials. But my life is probably as busy as his, I have a full-time job as a marketing coordinator, run my start-up, work for my side gigs, I manage to spend time quality time with, my friends, my family, and travel around the world. My days are long and very demanding. My experience is certainly unique, and the learning journey has been amazing so far. I hope by sharing my challenges and how I dealt with them to the community, I will be able to inspire and empower others to do better.

       1. Just do it

Every time, I see an opportunity somewhere I just go for it. I don’t think twice, I go for it. Switch your mindset from a dawdler to a go-getter eventually, everything will fall into place. The goal is to avoid what Jezz Bezos called “The acts of Omission”

But please make sure to assess the potential of the opportunity and take a calculated risk. For example, I saw an opportunity to redefine men lifestyle experience so I founded Mandujour.

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     2. Take notes

I take notes all the time and everywhere. I take the subway, I see something interesting I write it down, at a party, I hear something interesting I put it down. Walking by the neighborhood I see an interesting post I take a pic and save it. My schedule for next day, I put it down. Taking notes turn out to be an effective way to manage my time and to be efficient. My smartphone summarizes all my activities with automatic reminders.

My smartphone summarizes all my activities with automatic reminders.

     3. Continuous learning

This definitely one of the things that I value the most. If you stop learning you stop living. Learn from your friends, learn your interactions with others, go back to school, take a boot camp, read books, take an online course etc… but never ever stop learning. Your environment will play in big role in that push, so choose carefully where you live and the people that you mingle with.

  4. Digital opportunities

My start-up and my gigs are either completely online or investments or using a digital marketplace. Hence I don’t need to be at a specific location for a certain period of time. By leveraging all that the digital world and broadly technology has to offer, I am able to optimize my time by taking advantage of every spare space I have. I switched from an activity-based mindset to a time-based mindset. It is also great for passive income opportunities.

     5. Find your path

Some people are meant to be entrepreneurs, others businessmen, others love being investors, equally some people are set with a 9 to 5 job, others just love setting around and others are meant for all. Find what best works for you, reflects your personality, aspirations and settle in and the journey will take you to places.

In conclusion, everyone’s different my learning journey is not yours. That is why you need to:

Find what best works for you, reflects your personality, aspirations and settle in.


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